NZ Day 27 – This time rear carrier…

This morning, is holding another activity to serve cyclist, it is Free Breakfast gathering at 7-9am before you go to work. Sorry that I am a sleepy head and forget to set the alarm, I just barely make it to meet Peter, Lyneke and a few more cyclists at 9am. Glad to meet Andrew from Scotland who gives me a lot of advice about repairing the bike on the road.


After a brief shopping, following Peter’s advice to go on Wanganui River Road, I am happy to get going. However, horrible thing happen again…just on the way leaving Wanganui climbing up a slope, I hear a loud sound “boom”. My first thought is “Omg, puncture again?”, but then I find all my luggage is dropped on the floor, this time the REAR CARRIER is broken. That is even worse, as I can’t carry my luggage on my bike! Thanks God that the following 2 events happen at the same time:
I call Peter and he answers (usually he is not at home), he told me to wait in town and see what we can do to fix it;
A lady stops her car to ask if I need help, thanks her that I can store my luggage temporarily at her home, so that I can pick them up after I fix the carrier.


The next hour Peter brings me to a mechanic shop to weld back the carrier, and a recycle shop called Green Bikes to fix the bearings of the pedals. Alan in Green Bikes is such a nice person that he doesn’t charge me anything, saying that he just wants me to keep riding safely! Green Bikes is under a community called Sustainable Whanganui, they recycle all sorts of things so as to keep their town more sustainable and eco-friendly. Totally agree with this idea! Check this out:


Finally I can carry on my journey towards north. Wanganui River Road is highly recommended to ride on, not too difficult but with great scenery! Almost reaching the last week of my journey, I learn to live with joy everyday and whatever come across me. And it is good to experience different kinds of bike problems in this very first trip, so that I can be more reread next time to avoid the same disasters happen again!



There are quite a few lost sheep wandering on the road, which remind me the parable of “Lost Sheep” told by Jesus, that a good shepherd will not give up on any sheep but to find them if they are lost.


Reaching Pipiriki, the end of River Road at 7pm, I decide to camp there and continue my trip to Raetihi tomorrow!

Wanganui to Pipiriki 71km

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