NZ Day 24 – Proud of myself to fix my bike

The rain seems never stops throughout the night and continues this morning. I wake up and move all my things into the public toilet to hide from the rain. Now I have to deal with the problem of the break, dissembling the break into small piece and putting the spring into the top hole so that it rebounds better, and I tighten the wire to make the break more sensitive. Finally it works! I am so proud of myself to fix it on my own! But the whole process takes an hour….


It still drizzles but I should carry on. The route along the seaside is amazing, with spectacular view of Tasman Sea. The train is going like every half an hour along the coast, I think the view should be brilliant too.



Then my route passes through several little towns on SH1, Levin, Foxton…most of them have McDonald and KFC and big supermarket, unlike South Island, here in North Island little towns are not that remote. Since there are not many special things to be seen on the way, I don’t take any pictures, as also because of the rain, I am not in the mood. I want to reach Wanganui tonight, however my body is exhausted, I then camp behind a recycling station in Sanson to end my rainy day.


Plimmerton to Sanson 125km

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