NZ Day 22 – Farewell South Island, Crossing Cook Strait!

Riding my last leg in South Island, I intentionally slow it down as I don’t want to finish it so soon. Passing quite a few camping grounds on Queen Charlotte Drive, one of them even have Solar water heating system for people to take a shower, but you have to pay $5 to enjoy it.


Again a lot of ups and downs, I am memorizing every moments here this time. After these 3 weeks of practice, I already get used to the feeling of being passed by thousands of cars and trucks everyday, being horned sometimes, and the poor dead animals (hit by cars) left on the road. Next 3 weeks in North Island, it will be more challenging as there are more cars and narrower roads!

Don’t miss to stop at Queen Charlotte Drive Lookout, as you can catch a spectacular view of how busy the Picton harbor is.



I booked the ferry a few days ago online as my Spanish friend Joan is taking the ferry today as well, we are happy to travel together in this little part of our different NZ trip! There are 2 company, Interislander and Bluebridge, similar service with Bluebridge a little bit cheaper. Joan and I met in Perth last year in August, that we worked with a same host but different time. We both LOVE traveling in a BUDGET way, he hitchhiked many times successfully in NZ and did some incredible things. So many things we could catch up, and he doesn’t forget to thank our host Katty and her friend Aaron for hosting and taking care of us when we were in Darkan, WA.


We take the 7pm ferry and will arrive Wellington at 10:30pm. If you have a bike or huge sport equipment, they charge $10 extra per item. We keep our bikes safely with all the cars and trucks going across the Cook Strait as well. The ferry is HUGE and glamorous, and you can go out to the deck and take pictures!


The food in the cafeteria is of reasonable price, and right before landing, they have a $2 sales of sandwiches, if you are on budget, wait for that!


Arriving on time, we have to catch a train to our Couchsurfer host in Ngaio. As today Wellington is holding the Seven Rugby games, fans dress in various costumes to celebrate the teams they support! This dinosaurs costume is hilarious!


Thanks for our host William that even drive to the train station to pick us up! We have very nice conversation about travels and NZ cultures.

Double Bay to Picton 39km

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