NZ Day 21 – Marlborough vineyards and Sounds

Definitely I am not going to spend a whole day in Blenheim, check Google map and Lonely Planet, I decide to make a circle through Renwick, Havelock and then to Picton. On the way there are continuous fields of vineyard, they look pretty nice and neat from a higher point. I am not a fans of beer nor wine, but if you are interested, you can definitely have a vineyard tour, walk in any one of them and have wine tasting, I suppose they are in good quality. Since this plain in Marlborough is surrounded by mountains and close to the sea, the warm weather is perfect for grapes to be grown. The picking season is usually March to May, and the owners need a lot of casual workers to do the job, If you need some cash for your travel, you can just show up and knock the door!


Havelock is also a port city on the way to Nelson, but I didn’t stop there. I take the Queen Charlotte Drive towards Picton. As it is just a sudden thought to ride on this road, I didn’t do any research on it. So I pay the price, most of the road are steep uphill and then downhill in a winding road. I have to push my bike up for some time, and press hard on the break to roll down safely.




I didn’t have time to visit Milford Sounds in this trip, so I take a detour to visit a part of Marborough Sounds here. It is less popular but the view along the coast is breathtaking as well

I choose a place called Double Bay to camp and spend my last night in South Island. These 3 weeks is such a pleasure for me to explore South Island by cycling, and meeting all the wonderful people on the way makes me don’t wanna leave…




Blenheim to Renwick to Havelock to Double Bay 50km

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