NZ Day 19 – Bike luggage, as light as possible!

Saying another goodbye to my hosts, I wish we will meet again one day in another parts of this planet. Then I pick up my backpacks left in their place, manage my luggage, drop a lot of seem-to-be-useless things and set off my trip north towards Picton, the port to catch a ferry to North Island. However, the backpacks still add a couple of kg to my bike with make it heavier to ride.

If you are wondering what I was carrying during the last 2 weeks on the way, I will give you a brief idea now.


I have 2 pannier bags and some stretchable strings with hooks to hold things firmly on the rear rack.

Here are the things I was carrying (with kg on big items):
Tent 2.2kg
Sleeping bag 2kg
Self-inflated mattress 0.5kg
Laptop with all accessories 5kg
Nomad solar panel 0.7kg
Bike repairing tools
A bag of clothes (which act as pillow as well)
A jacket
A bag of toiletry
A camera
A food bag (weight varies)
Betadine and wound tapes
Spoon, fork and knife
Headlamp and torch

Altogether I think it is less than 15kg, my laptop is the heaviest, maybe I should consider switching to using a tablets. Now I have 7kg more with my backpack, medicine and various stuffs. Today I ride a lot slower than before as I have to adjust to the new weight I am carrying.

Anyone who has a better suggestion of what to bring and what can be avoid, please leave a message here! Really appreciate your ideas!

On the way, again are just small towns, nothing interesting. I stop at 6pm as the heavy load exhaust my energy. Reaching Greta Valley, there is a sign for camping but I can’t find the site, so I just set up my tent in the middle of a park with some trees surrounding it. Then I take an early rest and hopefully I can regain more energy for tomorrow!


Christchurch to Greta Valley 79km

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