NZ Day 18 – Christchurch reunion

Farewell to my host Kevin, I start heading 40km north to Greymouth to catch a bus back to Christchurch. Taking a bus was not my plan before, but due to the fact that I lost a day in Wanaka and I want to spend more time with my hosts wherever I stay, I decide to cheat and hop on a bus, in exchange with more time staying in one place.

From Hokitika to Greymouth I only take 2 hours, so my speed is 20km/h, that is the fastest I have ever done, the road is quite flat indeed.

Greymouth has a train service going back to Christchurch, which is quite expensive.


The bus cost me $45 and $15 for the bike, it is not cheap though.


On the way we drive through Arthur’s Pass, sadly that we couldn’t stop to take picture…the ups and downs are really challenging on the road, I wish I could have spent 3 days crossing it back to Christchurch, next time…


The journey takes around 4 hours, and finally I arrive at my hosts’ place. For us it is like a reunion since I left 2 weeks ago, we have so many things to catch up and I really thank them being my fans on this blog which encourage me to keep updating! They are also hosting a French couple and we have a lovely night sharing all our travel stories and plans. As I said in my previous post, you grow a lot mentally and spiritually through sharing and learning from each other, especially from open-minded persons, eg. Travelers!!


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