NZ Day 17 – Making friends all over the world

Feeling so good to wake up on a bed, haha, but I also miss the feeling of crawling inside my sleeping bag in my green tent. I know I belong more to the nomadic style.

Today is Sunday and I really long for praising God in a church. So I walk into the Church of Christ Hokitika, meet a bunch of friendly Christians and feel like home. When we are singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness, morning by morning, new mercies are seen…” I think about all the things I came across during the last 2 years since I travel, everyday I am filled with grace and love from God. And I can really feel the happiness in my wandering life, to experience His company all the time!


An elder, Noel in the church invite me for lunch and we have a good time sharing our life stories, and how God provides and protects us day by day! Thanks Noel and God bless your family! We will keep in touch by email!


After evaluating my trip, I decide to take it more slowly and have more day breaks to meet people and relax, rather than cycling more than 150km per day to exhaust myself. Hokitika is such a lovely small town, with only the Clock tower and the beach worth visiting. The whole town gives me really good impression (when the weather is good)!

The Clock tower in town center:


Some artworks on the beach:


Kevin knows there are some problems with my bike, he shows me how to fix it. I have a wonderful lesson concerning bike breaks with Kevin, now I can way more confident to manage it by myself when something goes wrong.

Later on, another cyclist, Karlos from Slovakia arrives at Kevin’s place. He also gets a lot of amazing stories and plans to share and we are happy that our journeys intersect in Hokitika. Later this year he is cycling in Asia, and I will be in Europe. Meeting fellow cyclists on the way is like having another stimulating injection into your body. Never boast about yourself nor your trip, there are always people doing way greater things than you.


Wanderlust never ends once you start it! It is an ADDICTION you can’t get rid of… and making friends all over the world is a wonderful feeling, share stories, happiness and experience make us to become a more sensible and friendly person. Let’s spread the happy seeds wherever you go!

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