NZ Day 13 – Old Chain is broken

After waking up in a parking lot near Frankton, I am filled up with energy to arrive as far as possible in the Mount Aspiring National Park region. 10km later I reach the Crown Range Road, it is such a killer that winding up across a mountain towards Wanaka. There are a few other cyclists on the way, all of us are struggling. Although I tune to the lowest gear, still it is a hard way up. That is the view that worth burning hundreds of calories:


Maybe I have put on the lowest gear for too long, when I switch it back to second gear, the chain comes off at a point. I put it back and continue riding. But after a few pedals, the chain breaks….


Omg, that is the worst thing happens so far, and I don’t carry a spare chain. Immediate I find out there is any bike shop in Wanaka and without a second thought, HITCHHIKE! Again after 2 minutes, a driver stops and has sympathy on me…So I skip all the ups and downs through Cardona and reach Wanaka in half an hour.

Once I consult in the bike shop, I made a BIG mistake! I didn’t bring the BROKEN CHAIN. I left it on the road, because it is broken, oily and dirty. Everytime I accidentally touch the chain, it annoys me because the black oily marks stay on my fingers and clothes for ages! However, when the chain breaks, it is better to repair with the old one, rather than installing a new one, because you need to change the disc as well which cost more money. And the new chain will not fit the old disc perfectly…that’s what the staff tells me. He even needs to order a new disc for me from Auckland so I have to wait a day in Wanaka.

Oh well…I don’t have any other choice but to be stuck in Wanaka for a day. What an accident! However it won’t stop me, even though I am in a hurry to reach Christchurch before 4th Feb via the West Coast and then Arthur’s Pass, I can always THUMBS UP on the road, or take a bus. Stay positive and everything will be fine! God has the best way planned for me already!
That’s what I come up with the whole incidence:
Old Chain broken à like Jesus has died for us and broke the chain of sin

New Chain installed à build up a new relationship with our Lord, and live according to His will.

Wanaka, more laid-back and comfortable than the hectic Queenstown. Even the Lake Wanaka is more gorgeous, you can see the snowy mountain here.


Hopefully I could carry on with the new chain and disc, and I could fly to Haast! Always keep a HOPE in our heart!

Frankton to Crown Range Road 20km

Crown Range Road to Wanaka 45km (hitchhike)

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