NZ Day 11 – Daily nutrition for a cyclist

Another big day, I was planning to reach Queenstown today but I couldn’t make it, just stop at the edge of Lake Wakatipu, a town called Kingston, famous for the steam train Kingston Flyer operated in the 19th century.


Not much to see on the road either, only the lake is gorgeous and many water sports are done here.


You maybe curious of what I eat on the way, definitely NOT grass nor sheep nor cow!!

What I am getting nutrients from each meal during the trip, very simple as I don’t like the idea of cooking on the way, bring along heaps of stoves, pans and stuff. I always just buy instant eating food, and concern more on the nutrition aspect.


Here are what I usually keep in my food bag:

Powdered milk and Muesli: Good source of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals

Vegemite: Vitamin B1,2,3 and folate which help energy release and fight fatigue

Biscuits: High calories which give you power

Corn kernels, Fruits or veges (banana, apple, pear, carrot…): Carbohydrate, vitamin C and fiber

Energy drink powder/ glucose powder: Glucose, Potassium and Magnesium which fight fatigue and prevent cramping

Drink plenty of water and make sure your urine is clear. Yellow urine indicates you are under dehydration.

Cycling can burn up 500-600 calories per hour according to your weight, so make sure you intake enough carbohydrate to replenish the loss, otherwise you would become tired and cannot concentrate which is very dangerous on the road!!

Last 2 days I pedaled more than 100km each day and I had no cramping or fatigue at all. Have plenty of sleep in your tent or guesthouse. Next post I will introduce you some of the stretching exercises, massage and acupuncture points you can press to relieve fatigue.

Riversdale to Kingston 95km

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