NZ Day 10 – A clear TARGET

When I wake up this morning, the cloud is quite thick and very windy outside. The weather forecast in NZ is very accurate, saying there will be rain in the morning, then sunny in the afternoon. I ride almost 3 hours under the rain, though it is not that heavy. And I am learning how to stay positive when circumstances go the opposite way you want, it works! Instead of complaining how miserable I am, I enjoy the drizzle that cleanse my body and soul!

After an extra day break in my host’s house, I feel all my physical and mental energy regained, so I pedal with such strong power to achieve 119km in 9.5 hours! This is my daily record so far!

On the way from Kaitangana to Riversdale, there is almost nothing interesting to be seen, just plenty of sheep and cow and a long flat road. I haven’t taken many photos because of the rain, as well as the boring scenery.


However, I have got plenty of alone time to daydream, pray and meditate.

I sum up a several things I am going to achieve by this bike trip:

  1. To prove myself and other people that I am capable of surviving a bike and a tent, and it is full of happiness to travel in this low-cost way.
  2. To train up myself and prepare for a much longer fund-raising cycling trip in Europe later this year.
  3. To promote the use of bicycle, an environmental-friendly way of traveling.
  4. To promote doing exercise everyday to maintain yourself healthy, as a point of view of a sport medicine specialist.


And for a bigger picture…MY LIFE…um…

  1. All the above.
  2. To open a natural health center which include all sorts of natural therapy (herbal meds, acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, spa, gym…) to acknowledge people the importance of keeping ourselves healthy in a natural way.
  3. To take care of as many orphans as possible in some of the neglected corners in this world.
  4. To develop an intact family with my partner and eliminate all the hatred and misunderstanding that comes with it.

Whether you are traveling or working your ass in your city, take some short moment everyday to think about yourselves, list some achievable targets and follow your dreams. It is never too late to start a new page of life!


Kaitangata to Riversdale 119km

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