NZ Day 6 – Oamaru, the only Victorian town in NZ

So far I have ridden around 350km in 5 days, it is actually quite a lot for a newbie like me. Therefore I give myself a day break so that I can take a rest and have time to do some sightseeing in this lovely little town Oamaru.


In the center of Oamaru, you can see a lot of old but elegant buildings in Victorian style, dating back to 1850s. Most of them were built by the famous limestone here, those huge white pillars can make you daydream to the age of Renaissance. I really love ancient buildings, imagine everyday you are walking on a street like that, it makes a lot of difference from the modern tall office buildings, right?


There is a street that was originally packed with wool factories and grain warehouses, now some of them are transformed into other shops but they still kept the design of the building.


Another icon of Oamaru is the old train station.


Check out this bike shop at the end of the street, the shopkeeper David collected a lot of old bikes especially the Penny farthing bikes. David gave me a try on riding one of the bike, it was hard in the beginning but once you kept pedaling, it is ok, just be careful of falling down and hurt yourself.


When you are walking towards the harbor, the salty smell from the ocean really wakes you up! It doesn’t smell fishy, but fresh oceanic scent!


I will be back on the road again tomorrow, 110km to Dunedin, hopefully I can make it before sunset!

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