NZ Day 5 – Vanish World Trail and Penguins

Rainy day, oh my God. Last night I was sleeping with the sound of rain drops hitting my tent, I was quite worried about today. When I head off from Kurow, clouds began to get darkened and thickened, then it drizzled. Luckily it was not that heavy, although my clothes and jackets were wet.

On the way there were quite a lot to see. First thing was the Takiroa Rock Art Site, though it is not that impressive, you can still see how ancient Maori people drew.


Then it came the Vanish World Trail, follow this route and you can see quite a lot of fossils and stuff. In Duntroon, you can visit Vanish World Centre if you are really interested in archeology.


After crossing the bridge in Duntroon, make a detour to see the Elephant Rocks, where the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was filmed. It is just some random huge rocks placing in the middle of a field. Next to Elephant Rocks is Anatini Whale Fossil Site, I was attracted by the honeycomb weathering of the rocks more than the fossils.


Follow this sign if you are cycling from Mt. Cook to Oamaru, so that you won’t get loss.


Finally after 65km ride, I arrived Oamaru and stayed with a Couchsurfer, Jeremy, who is a rock climber. I was really tired after the ride, otherwise I would join his rock climbing exercise. But thanks to him that brought me to see the penguins in the shore at night. They come back from swimming to the home (that people made for them) at around 10pm every night, some of them have to cross the road. We captured the funny move of how they hesitated to go forward because of the traffic. Be careful, little ones. You don’t have long legs, walk slowly!ImageImage

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