NZ Day 3 – Matthew 25:34-36

Because of the green protective color of my tent, it seems nobody discovered me when I camped beside the church. I woke up at 8:30, packed all my things and attended the Sunday service. After experiencing huge evangelical church like Hillsong and Riverview church, sometimes I’d love to go back to small churches like this. This is the only church in Farilie, around 10% of the population (out of 700) come to worship God here!


After the service, a brother Peter chatted with me for a while and invited me to have lunch in his house. I wanted to be on the road asap, but there is a strong wind coming from the west coast which is opposite to the way I go. If I insisted to ride on, it would be a tough day for me. Therefore I accept Peter’s hospitality to have a meal and take a hot shower. We shared a lot about traveling and volunteer work, and I learnt something concerning the white people and Maori living here, it is similar to the relation between Australian and the Indigenous, but less intense. The wind was still prevailing, Peter and his wife Chrissy insisted to take me to Lake Tekapo. I was so grateful for their help!


The Church of Good Shepherd is very delicate, believers can watch the view of the lake during Sunday service, how wonderful is that! I had a feeling of going back to Sea of Galilee, which Jesus calmed the wind and wave, and walked on the water. I prayed that the people here could also be the fishermen of men!


Peter dropped me after the military camp (an uphill ride), and told me after that it is generally downhill ride. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THEIR HELP!

Although there were times which the wind was so strong that can even moved my whole body, and I had to push it against the wind as well as slope, I managed to arrive Lake Pukaki and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Camped just next to the lake, I wish I can get up early enough to see the sunrise!


Please check out Matthew 25:34-36, that is Jesus’s teaching of how should we treat each other!

Fairlie to Lake Tekapo 50km (lift by Peter)

Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki 40km

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