NZ Day 2 – Blue river and uphill push

Last night I slept so well inside my tent, my alarm called at 6:30, I turned it off and slept until 9. The first thing to do was to check the tire, oh my God, it was totally FLAT. I tried to fix it myself but not too successful, as I didn’t have the right tool. Have no choice but to find the nearest bike shop in town and have it fixed. Back to the road again, today the weather is perfect, a bit cloudy, NO WIND, warm weather, LOVE that!

On the way, whenever I crossed any bridge, the river beneath is so brilliantly BLUE. And in a sudden, a purple money note appear in the corner of my left sight, I pedal back and find a 50 dollar note. I immediately thank God that He just provides what I need on the way in such humorous way!!


From Ashburton to Geraldine it is quite flat and easy to ride, I finish the 53km in 3 hours. Then from Geraldine to Fairlie it kills me, plenty of uphill which I have no choice but to walk and push a little bit. I realize my strength starts to go down after the 4th hour ride, I wish it could be improved soon!Image

Finally I arrive Fairlie, it is a lovely little town. I occupy the handicapped toilet AS USUAL to clean up a bit. This time I can wash my hair as the sink is big enough, haha! Eat my dinner, find a church and camp in its garden! Tomorrow morning I am going to attend the Sunday service to praise and give thanks to Him!!


Ashburton to Fairlie 100km

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