Christchurch – the church and beyond and reborn

Spending 4 days in the PTSD Christchurch, have seen many things are undergoing reconstruction. The iconic cathedral was brutally destroyed by the earthquake, workers are still trying their best to rebuild the whole structure.


While not far from the cathedral square, you can find the world’s first cardboard cathedral. It is beautifully designed and quite a holy place I can say!


You can also visit to the botanic garden, and Victoria square, but I haven’t been there.

Also plan a small trip to Lyttleton (I was trying to go there, but was stopped by a police when I was heading towards the tunnel, as he said cycling is not allowed in the tunnel…so I head back) or Akaroa, I think you can take a bus to both places.

Although Christchurch has been traumatized by the earthquake, many people left the town after that, however, I have heard someone said that people started coming back because of the potential of redevelopment. That is a good news! Actually my Couchsurfing hosts who are Colombian couple and came from Canada, they successfully found jobs here and they will stay at least a year in Christchurch! Haha, maybe I can also consider opening my natural medicine and health center here!

My lovely and super friendly hosts in Christchurch – Marcela and Carlos


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