Living in the moment

If you met me a couple of years ago, I was totally a different person. Very determined, uptight, manipulative, must get the things I want, try very hard to convince people that I am correct….and I like to argue with something which I believe it is right. That was me…

I can’t say I get rid of all those bad characters now, but at least I feel the difference. Now I am in the middle of my long journey, and I have already encountered a lot of moments that I have to LET GO of something, such as extra clothes, financial constrain, privacy, dignity… Dignity is a hard thing to let go, when you had your profession but decide to work for some shitty job, you learn to be HUMBLE and LEARN as much as you can from those experiences.

At least now I can laugh at my bad luck during the day, or something fuck up and I have to deal with it, I try to do it with an optimistic mind. If something I cannot fix, that’s the fate, what I can do is to live the moment, let myself flow onto God’s preparation and arrangement. That works really well!! Believe me!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sometimes you don’t need to fight for something you want, it just drops from Heaven as a gift.

Sometimes you fight hard for something you want, it doesn’t come but don’t worried nor be disappointed, later when you look back, you will understand God has prepared something better for you.

Enjoy what you have in your life, try to cope with your craving and aversion of anything you want and hate (that’s the teaching of Vipassana meditation, but I find it really essential), always keep a smile on your face, believe in Him who is walking with you every moment, live your life to the way it should be. It seems difficult, but it only takes a leap of FAITH~

I still remember 2 years ago when we were hitchhiking in Tibet, after every long day waiting, starving and then chatting with the drivers, the taste of a simple Tibetian noodle was just UNBELIEVABLE! Happiness can be really SIMPLE!


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