Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Nepal

Back in 2013 I spent 4 months in Nepal, apart from the famous trekking we did to Annapurna basecamp and paragliding in Pokhara, most of the time I stayed with a local family who live in a suburb outside Kathmandu called Lalitpur. I met them in a church which I mistakenly located, the father was so nice to invite me to stay in his house for a while. Although his 3-storey building is quite poorly constructed, and he leased some of his rooms to 3 other families who are even poorer. Each family got 2-3 kids so the whole house is like a children center.

I didn’t expect to spend more than a month there, but once the father told me he really wanted to help some orphans in the village, I started to realize my purpose being there. After around 2 months discussion, we agreed to start a small orphanage based on Jesus’s teachings, and we gave it the name Good Shepherd Children’s Home of Nepal. Helping them to set up a website:

I try my best to gather donation from my friends in Hong Kong and all over the world. Now we are only taking care of 5 kids, hopefully this year we can start some fund raising activities so that more children will be benefited.

Below are some pictures of the boys and girls that are staying in the orphanage.


 2013-06-11 09.42.45

If you want to volunteer or donate anything to us, please contact me by email. Thanks!2013-06-11 08.59.05

Jaimasi (May God be with you in Nepalese)

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