Melbourne – another metropolitan

3300km, 4 days driving across the Nullarbor plain, Adelaide and Great Ocean Road, finally we arrived Melbourne. My first impression is “Am I returning back home?” All the tall buildings, flyovers, streets full of people, 24 hours 7-eleven and McDonalds…a feeling of “déjà vu”!!

Normally I don’t have much interest to wander around big cities, those touristic spot are just artificial and similar. As a result, once I stop in big cities, my favorite hang over places are:

  1. Library – because of air-con and mostly free wi-fi, and toilet and water
  2. Chained fast food shop – same reason
  3. Harbor – enjoy the scenery
  4. Churches – meet nice and kind people, maybe they will invite you for a meal if you are genuine enough
  5. Airport – same reason as number 1 and 2

Here outside the State Library of Victoria, there is a garden where people can lie down and enjoy the sunshine in the middle of the city. I find it amazing so I do the same, as well as charging my cell phone by “free” solar energy!


What I like about Melbourne is the artistic atmosphere everywhere, you can enjoy some musical performance at any corner in the city, or appreciate people drawing. It is a showground for people who get special talents to showcase their skills! I really like a violin mixing guitar performance, enjoy the clip:

Oh, and cycling here is highly promoted, and you can rent a bike in these machine for $2 per day, or $8 per week.


Don’t miss visiting the churches in the city, they are gorgeous!
St. Paul’s Cathedral


When you travel to or from the airport, you can either take Skybus ($18) from Southern Cross Station, or take the following bus, 478,479,500.901, which is much cheaper ($6), but of course slower, around 1 hour journey. Please refer to the official website to find the best way to go there:

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