Losing 2.5 hours – cross the longest road in OZ

From a middle of nowhere to a middle of nowhere, we drove across the longest straight road in Australia, some dried lakes, and through the southern coast of the continent. The southern coast is just magnificent, imagine we are facing Antarctica separated by Great Australian Bight! And due to the plate tectonic movement millions of years ago, it created a series of cliff right facing the  ocean which is just blown your mind to look at.

And we cross the Longest Straight Road in Australia!!


And see the beautiful gorge in the southern edge of this continent!!


Crossing from WA to SA, time zone changes by adding 2.5 hours ahead. So when we located a place to set up our tent and cook, it was already 9pm with a  brilliant sunset. Then after a not-so-good sleep, we woke up at 5:30am as usual, thinking the sun was already up, however, it is like 3am in WA, still very dark. Hopefully the more east we travel, we will adjust the time better! So, I am losing 2.5 hours in my life, but I will get it back one day!

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