Sleeping in airport is NOT a shameful thing

Honestly, I LOVE sleeping in random places I came across in the past 2 years including train station; home of people I met in the church or on the bus; even on the street. But I specially love sleeping in the airports! For many people it could be a doggy thing, for me it is fabulous! Why? Because I can enjoy all the FREEDOM here, FREE to stretch your legs anywhere you want, FREE to use their Wifi (if they have), FREE to drink distilled water or take a shower, FREE air-con. On top of all those, NOBODY really cares about your existence as they are all in a hurry checking in, or saying goodbye to friends and family. That’s the FREEDOM I love here!


After several experience staying overnight in airport, I discover the joy doing this! Now if my friends cannot host me or I have no place to go, I will get on the airport bus and spend a night or two there.

There are some tips I can give you if you wanna give it a try:

  1. Choose to stay in International airport, as they open 24/7. Most of the domestic one shut after midnight and open again at 5am.
  2. The best spot to sleep would be under staircases, where there is a plug that you can charge your electronic items.
  3. Bring ear plugs and eye cover, as the announcements are quite annoying.
  4. Buy some cheap ready-to-eat food in the supermarket before you go.
  5. Bring a blanket or a jacket as most of the AC in airport are quite strong.
  6. Use your big backpack as pillow, wrap all the other bags around your arms or legs.
  7. Check for update information about each airport!

It is one of the fun things I like doing in my traveling journey. You will discover you have plenty of time on your own, to watch a few movies, read a book, or start a chat with other fellow airport-sleeper!


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