Children are the ultimate victims of Wars

Everytime when I turn on the TV, tune to international news channel, I can say that Human being are at WARS now…Protest in Ukraine; Civil war in South Sudan, Central Africa, not to say Egypt and Syria; Suicide bomb in Pakistan, Kenya and Russia; gun shots in America and Australia….That’s more than one can digest of what is going on in this wicked world!!

I re-watched the movie “Hotel Rwanda” yesterday, and keep questioning WHY people could be so CRUEL? Even killing their own brothers in the same country. However, history goes on and on… I visited Syria back in 2011 when the civil war just started, Syrian people were so friendly and most of them waved us on the road, saying “Welcome to Syria!”, the hospitality you can never experience in other countries. But after a few months, when the war turned uglier, they bombed the oldest mosque in Damascus, killing millions of civilians, causing half of the country population fled to neighboring countries to be refugee. Then the news now showing their miserable lives they are living in the refugee camp, spending a freezing winter without fire to warm them. I am wondering how many people, especially children, died because the president is too stubborn and greedy, not willing to step down from his position. Ugly politics….


Imagine how could those kids live happily after all these tragedies, there would always be a shadow in their hearts reminding them the adults could be ruthless and cold because of their self-interest and selfishness. Then again, history goes on and on, when they grow up and discover they could win over somebody if they kill them, another war starts…

If people really love their kids, hoping the next generation could live better. PLEASE STOP ANY KINDS OF WARS! I guess nobody want to watch the same tragedy on TV day after day, there are something we little people can do, spread the seedlings of love, “Pay it forward” is a good movie as a reference! I love the cute and innocent face of children, they have PURE HEARTS! “Blessed are the pure in heart, because they can see God!” (Matthew 5:8)


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