One journey comes to an end, means another journey begins

ImageThanks to the CBH job that I am able to save enough money to continue pursuing my Wanderlust and helping my orphanage. It was a bit sudden to be dismissed from the job, which the boss told me an hour before the end of the shift, that it was my last day, I then had to make a brief detour to New Zealand and cycling around. Anyway, I learnt a lot from this job, to be obedient and responsible, as well as admit to my own fault, every boss appreciate honesty. Spent some time with the people in the church, playing board games, having Christmas lunch, this small town Merredin will remain in my mind forever!


There were quite a few moments when I was working in CBH that I can feel God is fulfilling his goal by me. I remembered one Sunday when my boss wanted to knock off 2 staff out of 4, they kept me instead of others; when they started cut off people in the other shift, I got one more week of work…then I promised God to donate that extra week salary to the orphanage, I will keep this promise!

This chapter almost finishes, my next journey will be in New Zealand. First cycling tour ever, I wish I could survive that and prove to myself I can live with a bike and a tent! I am looking forward to the wonderful 2014, which I will definitely gain more new exposure and learn heaps of things by facing difficulties and challenges. My plans are:
Jan-Feb: New Zealand

Mar: Sydney until my India visa is ready

Mar-Apr: India traveling and learning yoga

May: back to HK to visit family, then maybe North Korea, then take Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow

Jun: Start cycling in Northern Europe (Fin, Swe, Nor)

July: down to Germany, Poland

Aug-Sep: Eastern Europe

Oct-Dec: Central Europe or Italy or Greece to escape winter

I am still wondering how could that ambitious plan be achieved, with my own strength, nothing is possible; but with God’s will, everything is possible!

2014 will surely be another wonderful year!

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