On the road for almost 2 years

“Hey Sean, can you attend my wedding?”

“I am very sorry that I am not in Hong Kong at this moment, but I wish you all the best with your husband/wife!”

These 2 years I escaped from many wedding invitations, which I am a bit scared to go. Traveling is a very good excuse, haha. But at the same time I was invited to some strangers’ wedding in the places I visited.

Anyway, I have adopted to this nomadic life for almost 2 years. Not having a particular place to go, worried about what is going on tomorrow, laying on different beds very week. Did I regret to spend my golden years to do such crazy adventure? Not at all. Although I am a little bit shortage of money, I enjoy the freedom I have, comparing to all my friends working their butts in Hong Kong and never take a break from their lives.

This is not just a touristic journey, but a spiritual adventure to get to know fully who I am and what I really want to achieve in my life. A long trip to develop a closer relationship with God, with the inner me, as well as the souls of other beautiful human beings. There were some unforgettable moments in my trip so far:

  1. The desperate moments I encountered when I reached my limit of disappointment in Infanta.
  2. The hope in the eyes of terminal illness patients in Prem Dan, Kolkata.
  3. The promise Eileen and I made on the bus to Bagan, Myanmar, to serve you using our profession.
  4. The time spent in the border between Thailand and Myanmar, where the civil war is still going on.
  5. Hitchhiking with Zang on 318 highway in Tibet.
  6. Bungy jump in Nepal.
  7. Eye surgery and Holi festival in Kolkata.

2 years on the road seems very long for people who pursue stable life, but for me, it is too short, I still have a lot to see in this world!

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